Online Estate Auction of Vintage Appliances Single Owner | Nov 14 | 10am

Hughes is pleased to present this Single Owner Online Estate Auction of Vintage & Antique Electric Home Appliances.

This museum quality collection was amassed over 20 years seeking out the best examples of each piece with high standards for condition, completeness, and functionality. Many pieces are unused, in excellent to mint condition, and with their original box and tags. All are tested and in working condition.

Date: Sun, Nov 14, 2021 10:00 AM
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A true slice of American history, these appliances tell the fascinating story of the 20th Century's extraordinary economic growth between WWI and WWII. Innovations in electrical power, industrial design, and advertising converged in a heyday for home appliance design. From the modernistic 1939 Walter Von Nessen Chase Comet Coffee Set and the Saarinen-inspired Manning Bowman Harmony Coffee Set to the 1930's Victorian Universal and Royal Rochester Coffee Sets, this collection celebrates the breadth of industrial design in the first half of the 20th Century.

vintage collectible waffle iron Vintage Appliances Single Owner Online Estate Auction

deco coffee makerLot 152: Manning Bowman Harmony Coffee Set, Saarinen Modernist

modern coffee tea pot chromeLot 153: Walter Von Nessen for Chase Comet Coffee Set 1939

royal rochester ad

vintage coffee percolatorLot 111: Royal Rochester Extracolator Chrome Black 8 Cup Coffee

vintage coffee percolatorLot 124: Manning Bowman Pioneer Chrome Walnut 9 Cup Coffee Maker

Lot 118: Universal Beaumonde Chrome Black Trim 6 Cup Coffee

vintage royal rochester coffee percolatorLot 109: Royal Rochester Chrome 8 Cup Coffee Maker Circa 1930s

universal vintage coffee maker

vintage universal electric coffee percolatorLot 139: Universal Fontaine Chrome 10 Cup Tea Coffee Set 1931

antique toasterLot 136: Universal Breakfast Coffee Tea Toast Set Chrome 6 Cup

hotpoint coffee percolatorLot 82: Hotpoint Concord Nickel 9 Cup Coffee Maker Circa 1920s

sunbeam toastwitch ad

sunbeam toastwitchLot 70: Sunbeam Toastwitch Automatic Toaster Chrome B5 1933

vintage toastmaster ad

vintage toastmasterLot 34: Toastmaster 1 Slice Automatic Toaster Chrome 1929

vintage toastmaster ad

vintage toastmasterLot 45: Toastmaster Automatic 1 Slice Toaster Chrome 1934

vintage toasterLot 47: Toastmaster Automatic 2 Slice Toaster Chrome 1935

vintage toaster general electricLot 62: General Electric Chrome Plastic Base Toaster 1950s

hotpoint ad

hotpoint edison ad

antique electric waffle makerLot 8: Universal Floral China Waffle Maker No. E6324

manning bowman waffle makerLot 28: Manning Bowman Twin-O-Matic Double Waffle Iron

waffle master ad

toastmaster waffle masterLot 12: Toastmaster Waffle-Master Waffle Iron 1930 Model 2C1


Beyond excellent design, these appliances were build to last! Impress your friends and family with tasty waffles, toast and hot coffee whipped up with vintage style. Percolator coffee is delicious when brewed correctly. See detailed instructions here for how to get the best results with a vintage Percolator.


Brewing In A Vintage Percolator


Measure 6 oz cold water for each measured cup you're making. If you’re using a large mug, 3 cups will be enough for 1 mug.

Pour the water into the pot with the basket in place.

Use 1 round TB of ground coffee for each cup and add 1 TB for the pot. 3 cups = 4 TB coffee.

Most commercial ground coffees will do okay if you don't grind your own. Percolators use a medium fine grind. If it’s too coarse you won’t get the full flavor. Not too fine because it will clog the basket and overflow.

Fill the basket with your ground coffee. Place the basket lid on the basket.

Put the pot lid on and you're ready to plug in. Wait for it to start perking.

When you see it perk, set a timer for 23 min. To stop the perking, unplug the pot. You can adjust the time to suit your taste.

Let it sit for a minute so the coffee in the basket will drain into the pot. Your coffee will be lava hot. If it sits for a few minutes, it will be cool enough to drink.

You can't leave the pot plugged it because it will continue perking and burn the coffee. NEVER allow the pot to boil dry because the heating element can break.


Wash the basket and lid with soapy water and dry all the parts. Rinse the pot with clear water and wipe dry with a paper towel. Every couple months, remove the brewing assembly from the pot, add 2 tablespoons baking soda to the pot and fill with water. Plug it in for 20 min which will remove any coffee reside from the inside of the pot. If you leave the aluminum parts inside, they will turn black, so be sure to remove.

Use a soft damp cloth on the outside to clean any coffee spots.


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