Need to empty a home of its contents?

Hughes has provided high quality, trusted onsite estate sales and comprehensive estate liquidation services to Altadena, Pasadena, La Cañada, San Marino, Silver Lake and all of Los Angeles since 1978. Upfront pricing and knowledgeable, courteous staff make it a stress free process for our client. Professional appraisers price items and identify investment quality pieces for placement in our auctions. We are fully insured and bonded and our point-of-sale system ensures complete and accurate accounting.

Safe and Secure

We ensure the security of your belonging by setting up a wireless camera system and having sufficient uniformed and trained staff on site during the estate sale.

Marketing & Earlybird

Our onsite estate sales are marketed through our brand Earlybird Estate Liquidation. Sales are open to the public and held over the weekends and reach over 11,000 avid estate sales shoppers through our email list, as well as thousands more through online advertising and a strong social media following. We use professional signage the day of the sale to attract new shoppers.

Inclusive Pricing Keeps It Simple.

Our commission pricing includes trained, uniformed, and fully insured team members, general liability insurance, marketing and photography and the collection of sales tax.

Estate Cleanout Service

If the goal is to empty the house completely at the end of the estate sale, we provide responsible, comprehensive cleanout services that leave a home empty and broom clean. Hughes provides a reclamation and redistribution service for ordinary furnishings and housewares, and we have a relationship with Union Rescue Mission in Downtown LA for charitable donations of personal property. We are commitment to landfill diversion and aim to find the best possible use for unsold items, from recycling to charitable donation.

Free Consultations

We offer complimentary walk-through consultations for estate sales and auction sales. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote.


How do I start the estate sale process?

By calling our office at (626) 791-9600 or sending photos of the estate. You can send photos through this form or email them to [email protected].

What is the commission fee?

Every project is different. Therefore, we will send a written proposal to you with consignment rates once we review your project.

What is the estate sale time frame?

We normally need a minimum of two weeks to complete an estate sales but this can vary based on the size and complexity of the estate. We will provide a detailed time frame once we conduct a walk-through consultation. Sales are scheduled based on first come first served availability.

What is the cost of the cleanout service?

Every project is different. Therefore, we will send a written proposal to you with our cleanout fee once we review your project.