Hughes’ Virtual Car Show: Vintage Collector Cars & Other Rides


If there is one thing that embodies summer and Americana, it’s a good old-fashioned car show. You know the ones we’re talking about: muscle cars and vintage collector cars propped open to display shiny engine blocks and revamped interiors that take us back to the days of cruising our favorite hangouts.

Well, we decided to recreate that experience on a virtual level, by showcasing some of the most fantastic vintage and collector cars to become a part of our online and in-person estate sales.

Here, a few of our favorite models that have come and gone (except where noted):

1972 BMW 2002 – Vintage CarVintage Colorado Orange 1973 BMW 2002 Car from Hughes Showroom Estate Sale.

hughes-collector-car-bmwAnd now the back of this pristine vintage collector model.

Vintage Mercedes – 300 Turbo Diesel Model1982 Mercedes Benz 300 Turbo Diesel takes us back to a time before Bluetooth® and backup cameras.

hughes-collector-car-benz-1The interior of the vintage collector 300 Turbo Diesel car…check out the cassette player!

Vintage Collector Cars for Sale – 1928 Ford Model A RoadsterThe 1928 Ford Model “A” Roadster is a true vintage collectible car.

hughes-collector-car-hotrod-1Classic interior dash of the 1928 Ford Model “A” Roadster.

hughes-collector-car-hotrod-2The obligatory under the hood experience.

Have a vintage or collector vehicle that you want us to help you sell?

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