How to Prepare for the Best Estate Sale Shopping Experience, Like Ever

Hughes Estate Sales - Shopping at DTLA

Get ready, get set for estate sales with expert shopping tips...

Your alarm clock is set and your wallet is primed. Yes, this is your brain on estate sale shopping.

Yet how can you be sure you are totally ready to take advantage of unique buying opportunities and valuable items the minute you put your laserbeam focus on them? To help you prep for this type of experience, we offer the following pro tips: 

Clear Your Car

Banish those books, bags and old coffee cups - floor mats if you have to - because anything can happen at an estate sale. You truly never know what you will find at one of our showroom sales, so better to have plenty of space in your vehicle to tote your treasures.

If you have friends with larger trucks or SUVs and you know you are looking for furniture, consider bringing them along for the shopping adventure. We usually have free coffee for our shoppers, if that helps you sway your partners in crime.

Measure with Items in Mind

Before you hit the road for your next estate sale shopping trip, take a few minutes to measure any spaces where you might like to add a chair, sofa, art, or any larger pieces. This will save you time in selecting items for consideration, as you will know whether or not they can fit in your existing space.

Better yet, just go ahead and measure major areas like living rooms, family rooms, bedrooms and will be better equipped when that once-in-a-lifetime item comes in to your life.

Take Pictures

Thinking of new art for your walls? Craving a replacement for that so-so sconce? Grab your smartphone or tablet and snap a few photos of areas where you want to do something different. Or, if you already have a collection of similar items that you are looking to add to, why not take a picture and bring it along to the estate sale? It will make the shopping experience much more rewarding if you can see how well your purchases will play with your other belongings.

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