Consignment Showrooms: Not Your Mama’s Estate Sale

Hughes Estate Sales – From Home to Consignment StoreThe Hughes Consignment Showroom: The Modern-Day Estate Sale

When you think of estate sales, do you have visions of strangers rifling through your prized collections? Are you wincing at the thought of letting go of antiques that have been in your family for generations? Perhaps you have no preconceived notions of estate sales, and you’re wondering what goes on behind those mysterious closed doors!

Whichever camp you belong to, the fact is that an in-home estate sale can be quite an emotional experience for the person initiating the liquidation. Throw in the security risks of estate sales, and even the most stable individuals can find themselves going into mental overdrive.

Taking the Estate Sale Out of the Home

Hughes Consignment Showroom – Estate Liquidation

Thankfully, some estate liquidations have moved out of the home and into a more neutral environment – consignment stores. Hughes Estate Sales, for example, operates two showrooms in Southern California where valuable estate items are appraised, priced, marked and sold to the public. Every month, the company holds a showroom sale at each consignment store to sell better antiques, fine art, rare books, vintage collectibles, designer furnishings, fine and costume jewelry, and select vehicles. The benefits of a showroom/consignment sale over an in-home event? Security, convenience, and higher returns for the seller.

Here’s what we mean: When Hughes Estate Sales assumes the liquidation of an estate, their staff does all of the legwork between digging through countless items in the home to moving qualifying pieces from the home to the consignment store showrooms. Hughes then hosts and manages the estate sale from the showroom, so there are no masses of shoppers shuffling about your home or shifting carelessly about your belongings. The consignment store is a more controlled environment that takes the emotion and stress out of the traditional estate sale.

Think a consignment estate sale is more your speed?

Contact Hughes Estate Sales today for more information about estate liquidation. Better yet, why not visit one of our monthly showroom sales to see what the experience is like first-hand?