4 Reasons Why Estate Sales are Better than Yard Sales

Hughes Estate Showroom Sale

Do you remember the story of a truck driver who purchased a painting from a yard sale, only to later discover it was the work of renowned artist Jackson Pollock? The abstract painting was valued at $50 million.

This isn’t the only item that has gone from garage sale find to million-dollar treasure. These experiences practically gave birth to an entirely new genre of television.

But while yard sales are a great way to get rid of items you no longer want, you never know if you are leaving money on the table.

One way to avoid this scenario is by hiring a professional estate sale company to evaluate, appraise, and sell your items for you – rather than pricing them for quick sale.


Need another reason to pull those yard sale signs from the street corner? Here are four:

1. The Yellow Dot Fever. The yellow dot stickers are a perennial favorite when it comes to yard sales. Pull out your permanent marker for pricing, and affix those oh-so-bright labels on anything and everything. At first, it doesn’t sound like a big deal, but putting on all those little stickers actually takes a ton of time. And when you consider all of the other fun things you could be doing instead (baseball games, swimming, BBQs, anything else), this task starts to lose its luster. The estate sales team will price items individually based on appraisal value.

2. The End of Haggling. When you host a yard sale, haggling is inevitable. But just because it comes with the territory doesn’t mean it’s enjoyable for the seller. With estate liquidation services, you eliminate haggling and let the professionals do the negotiations.

3. Organization is Not Your Responsibility. Preparing for a yard sale means going through all of your belongings to figure out what to keep and what to sell. Similar to yellow dot activities, this step consumes a great deal of time. Why not skip this altogether and let estate sale professionals handle it (you’ll get organization on top of hauling services to get items ready for the sale).

4. No Stranger Danger. Sure, a yard sale helps you pick up a little extra cash, but is it really worth it to have strangers traipsing across the lawn? No, no it is not. So opt for estate sales that host buyers in a showroom environment instead.

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