Moving Out: Why Estate Sales Trump Just About Everything Else


Let’s be honest: the thought of packing up all of your belongings and carting them off to the next destination is about as appealing as rush hour traffic on an L.A. freeway.

Thankfully, there is an alternative that may lighten your load: estate sales.

Here are a few benefits of choosing an estate sale over bubble wrap, any day of the week.

Less packing. The first - and perhaps the most obvious - benefit is that you avoid the labor of packing – at least for the items that are featured in the estate sale.

Instead, you can spend your time picking out paint colors and furniture for your new digs (or shop them at our showroom sales). An estate liquidation team evaluates the belongings you don’t want to take with you, and then packs and hauls away the items that bode well for a sale.

No moving sale. Making a little bit of money off your personal belongings is exciting, but the preparation that comes along with a garage or yard sale can be stressful and tiring.

The good news is, with an estate sale you can still make money – probably more, in fact – on some of those items without the thankless work that accompanies a moving/garage/yard sale.

Estate versus Moving Sale – Shop HughesCustomers shop in Hughes showroom instead of your garage.

Get the best price. Speaking of making money, do you know for certain how much your items are worth? Unless you understand the differences between contemporary and modern, or antique and vintage, then it can be difficult to recognize the true value of your collectibles, artwork and furniture.

When you opt for an estate sale to sell your belongings, you get the knowledge and expertise of estate liquidation professionals to assign an accurate and fair price.

Hughes Estate Liquidation TeamProfessional assessments from trained staff are worth every penny.

Whether you are moving soon or just want to clean out some of your personal valuables, estate sales allow you to sell those items without having to do the packing, pricing or selling by yourself. In fact, you barely have to lift a finger, except to learn how you can get started on a liquidation of your own.