The Estate of Albert Louis Bresnik, Amelia Earhart's Photographer

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Hughes Estate Sales is thrilled to announce the sale of the estate of Albert Louis Bresnik from November 20 to 22, 2015, at our Downtown Los Angeles Showroom. Bresnik was a professional portrait photographer of the Hollywood scene during the early 20th Century. In the 1930s, he was hired by Amelia Earhart’s husband, George Putman, to be her personal photographer. He filled this post from 1932 until July 2, 1937—the date of her disappearance near Howland Island in the Pacific Ocean. He is most famous for shooting the very last photographs of Amelia Earhart before she disappeared. We will be selling a huge cache of vintage photographic equipment directly from Bresnik's collection.

Hughes Estate Sales Los Angeles - vintage photography

Bresnik’s career as a professional photographer spanned many decades. He maintained several studios and storefronts in Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades throughout his lifetime. He was an extremely "DIY" photographer; his studios were set up to handle all phases of production and he accumulated massive amounts of camera and film equipment, enlargers, projectors, and lenses.

Vintage photographic equipment for sale includes:

Several huge, vintage motion picture set hot lights on floor stands
2 vintage darkroom enlargers
2 huge, antique wooden studio view cameras
16mm film prints of major motion pictures, including metal cans and studio carrying boxes
Many vintage polaroid cameras, several unused in boxes
Many vintage fold-out pocket cameras
Many vintage film projectors
Vintage 2 1/4" cameras
Vintage 35mm viewfinder cameras
Vintage large-format Graflex cameras & accessories
Vintage movie cameras, some unused in boxes
Many large format film holders
Vintage light meters
Vintage box cameras
Vintage darkroom supplies
Many large vintage mounted portrait prints from the Hollywood days







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