Hughes Featured in The Best Things to Do in Los Angeles

estate sales in los angeles

Hughes Estate Sales is thrilled to be included in Joy Yoon's 2013 release The Best Things to Do in Los Angeles!

We are listed in the Bargains and Splurges chapter (take your pick). We are in good company, as many of our favorite retailers also made it in. OK Store and Plastica, both on West 3rd, Poo-Bah Records in Pasadena, Yolk in Silver Lake, Mohawk General Store in Silver Lake and Pasadena, Skylight Books in Loz Feliz, and the Eames Office. As a native Angeleno who now lives in London, Yoon's take on Los Angeles includes both hidden, insider gems and major landmarks and is a great resource for both locals and first time visitors. It could be a Britishism, but, as any Hughes estate sale shopper knows, we don't do "bids"...

Here is the full listing:

Go treasure hunting for antiques at a Hughes Estate Sale.

Attending an estate sale can be an exciting event. Not only do you get to see interesting items that people have been hoarding in their homes, you get to bid on them. They offer the promise of something new and interesting, and if you're willing to wake up at the crack of dawn, the Hughes Estate Sale will give you first stab at bidding on the item of your dreams. Known for putting on estate sales all around Los Angeles County, during their monthly warehouse sales, Hughes sells off furniture and other items they weren't able to set up formal sales for. You'll find multiple lots from different estates all in one place, which saves time because all the legwork has been done for you. Come early, get a good look around, see what you're in the mood for, and start bidding on these ridiculously low-priced items. They even offer coffee and donuts to take the ease off of waking so early. Every sale is different, so sign up for their mailing list and if you see something you like, be sure to set your alarm.