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Hughes Estate Sales in Los Angeles is thrilled to be hosting an estate sale at this Historical Mediterranean Revival home from August 28th to 30th, 2015. This stunning Ganesha Hills estate is filled with elegant high-end furnishings and fine decorative arts. Sale opens on Friday, August 28th at 8:00pm with live music & refreshments. Sales hours Saturday & Sunday are 10am – 4pm. Please see our photo gallery for full details on items for sale.

History of Genesha Hills Estate

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This historical estate has a fascinating story closely tied to that of Ganesha Hills. Built in 1930, this home was referred to as “The Castle” by the locals, and was one of the very early homes to be built in Ganesha Heights, later named Ganesha Hills, today Pomona's most elegant neighborhood.

In 1926, the land of Ganesha Heights was purchased by local investors and the lots put up for sale by Allen P. Nichols, an influential Pomona booster. The name was changed to Ganesha Hills and the area was advertised as “Pomona’s Ideal Residential Park”. Nichols worked with the renowned landscape architects, the Olmstead Brothers, of New York’s Central Park fame, to design the development making the most of the natural beauty of the hills and valleys. Their trademark designs are still apparent as you drive the serene roads throughout the neighborhood.


This stunning estate was built by Cora Armour in 1930. Forty-three years prior, in 1887, Cora and her husband, Elmer Eugene had moved to Pomona from Ohio. Elmer was a pharmacist and in 1890 started Armour’s Drug Store in Pomona. Pillars of both the business and civic communities in Pomona, the Armours raised two sons and lived an active life.


When her husband died, Cora’s desire was to retire in an elegant estate. Her second son, John Lester, had become an architect after serving in WWI in Europe, where he was exposed to European art and architecture. John Lester promised to build her a grand home inspired by the European estates he had toured after the war in Europe. John Lester was also the architect for the neighboring house, which was owned by his Brother, Harry.


Cora’s Grandson, Richard Armour, became a successful author writing over 65 books. His autobiography Drug Store Days has many family tales of Cora and growing up in a family business in Pomona. He was also a Professor at the Claremont Colleges.

This estate is now filled with high-end designer furnishings perfectly complementing the period and historic flavor of the home – come explore and take home a slice of history!

Based on a Summary of Architecture & History by Roxanne Linda Campbell / Coldwell Banker Millennium