INORBIT | Todd Hughes' Vintage Furniture and Collectibles Shop Circa 1996

INORBIT - Vintage Furniture Shop

The year is 1996. You’re 22 years old and you’ve spent the better part of your youth handling antiques, vintage furniture, and collectibles, helping out in your dad Larry Hughes' antiques shops and selling along side him at the Rose Bowl Flea Market, a mecca for antiques and vintage dealers. What else do you do but open your own vintage furniture and collectibles store right next door to you dad’s shop?

Vintage Furniture and Collectibles in Pasadena

INORBIT was Todd Hughes’ incredibly cool vintage shop on Fair Oaks in Pasadena. INORBIT was truly a reflection of what Todd loved and what he thought others should love too – Mid-century Modern and Scandinavian vintage furniture and art, collectible toys, especially Japanese tin robots, California studio pottery, pin-up erotica, and one-of-a-kind, artisan-made mid-century artifacts.

Todd Hughes Selling Vintage Furniture and CollectiblesTodd Hughes, circa 1996.

hughes-vintage-shop-15Does that Cashier sign look familiar? It's now at our Downtown Los Angeles location!


hughes-vintage-shop-6Bands played at monthly parties, packing the 400 sq. ft. shop.


hughes-vintage-shop-7Window displays were designed and built by Todd. This was a special Fourth of July display that included a hidden fan to blow the flag!

INORBIT closed in 2000 when the building was sold, but we always imagine Todd’s robot waving to us when we drive past.


Hughes Estate Sales was formed two years later, a natural extension of Todd and Larry's partnership, their shared passion for antique and vintage furniture, and their natural ability to connect with others who share this passion. Read more about Larry Hughes Antiques here.