Discovering Mathematical Beauty: Michael Schultheis at Hughes Online Art Auction

In the realm where art and mathematics converge, the work of Michael Schultheis stands as a testament to the marriage of analytical precision and artistic expression. Hughes is proud to showcase two remarkable pieces by this American painter in our upcoming online art auction, California Riviera | Midcentury, Postmodern & Contemporary Art & Design, scheduled for November 19, 2023, at 10:00 AM PST.

Lot 39 Michael Schultheis (b. 1967) Acrylic on Canvas, Loci of Apollonius 06, 2009

Lot 40 Michael Schultheis (b. 1967) Acrylic on Canvas Apollonius Portals 04, 2008

Lot 39 Michael Schultheis (b. 1967) Acrylic on Canvas, Loci of Apollonius 06

Lot 40 Michael Schultheis (b. 1967) Acrylic on Canvas, Apollonius Portals 04

These artworks encapsulate Schultheis' distinctive style, characterized by geometric forms and their corresponding real equations. Known for his conceptual rendering of geometry, Schultheis coined his approach as "analytical expressionism." This method translates mathematical ideas into visually expressive art, expanding the boundaries of conceptual geometry.

A Journey Through Schultheis' Artistic Odyssey

Michael Schultheis, born in 1967, hails from Washington state and holds advanced degrees in economics from Washington State University and Cornell University. His unique journey into the world of art began during his early years in software development, where the beauty of half-erased chalkboards and whiteboards became a profound source of inspiration.

His paintings, reminiscent of these ghost-like erasures and shapes, represent a visually expressive approach to analytical ideas. Schultheis likens his canvas to a chalkboard, where he paints mathematical equations, their corresponding geometric forms, and the relationships that develop into intricate geometric models, offering narratives about the human condition.

Analytical Expressionism: Schultheis' Artistic Language

Schultheis has not only exhibited his work at prestigious venues like the National Academies, the Rotunda Gallery at the National Academy of Sciences, and the Shenzhen Art Institute in China but has also contributed to the fields of art and mathematics through lectures at various institutions.

His canvas, analogous to a chalkboard, becomes a space where he layers mathematical equations and drawings. These layers describe the form and motion of three-dimensional geometric shapes, transforming the canvas into a platform for storytelling through the language of mathematics.

From Museums to Auctions: Schultheis' Global Presence

Schultheis' impact extends beyond gallery walls. His work is part of international public and private collections, including the National Museum of Mathematics, National Academy of Sciences, and the City of Seattle, among others. With solo exhibitions spanning the globe, from Seattle to New York, and from Houston to Shenzhen, Schultheis continues to leave an indelible mark on the art world.

Join the Online Art Auction: A Chance to Own Schultheis' Vision

As we prepare for the California Riviera Auction on November 19, 2023, delve into the world of Michael Schultheis' geometric narratives. Don't miss the opportunity to bid on lots 39 and 40, bringing home a piece of Schultheis' mathematical poetry. Register for the online art auction at Hughes, where art and mathematics converge to create timeless masterpieces.