The Damama Collection Auction | Sun Mar 7 | 10:00 am

The Damamas brought their keen eye, singular style, and personal warmth to the world of Mid-Century Modern collecting. A constant presence at Modern design shows and flea markets on both coasts for decades, you could not miss the Damamas, affectionately known as “Damama” and “Dapapa,” in their matching Sikh whites and turbans as they hunted for the most interesting and unique pieces. Hughes Auctions honors their love of art and design and is pleased to present The Damama Collection Auction comprised of art and collectibles from their estate.

Auction Date: March 7, 2021 10:00 am Pacific Time

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The Damama booth at the Palm Springs Modernism Show:

Staging the Damama booth at the Palm Springs Modernism Show:

Dharam Damama Kaur Khalsa (born Elizabeth Simon, 1946-2020) and Dharam Damama Singh Khalsa (born William Morris, 1942-2016) joined the Guru Ram Das Ashram in the late 60’s. Dharam Damama-Kaur Khalsa (Damama) grew up in Beverly Hills in a stunning Mid-Century Paul Williams house and Dharam Damama-Singh Khalsa (Dapapa) grew up in the Philadelphia area. They lived in an apartment on Preuss Road in Los Angeles near the Guru Ram Das Ashram for almost 46 years. They typically spent the summer months in Philadelphia, doing Brimfield and other legendary East Coast flea markets. Winters were spent in California doing the circuit of flea markets every weekend. They drove both ways towing a small trailer for merchandise behind them, accompanied by a string of large white Pyrenees dogs.

In addition to dealing in Mid-Century art and design, they designed and sold their own jewelry for over 15 years, creating many custom pieces for Yogi Bhajan and other Sikh leaders. Dapapa was also an artist – a selection of his paintings are offered in this auction.

Circa 1980’s, the Damamas working on jewelry designs:

Layout designs for 1980’s business cards:

Dharam Damama Kaur Khalsa at the Palm Springs Modernism Show:

Like many established dealers, the Damamas got their start at the local flea markets and maintained a steady presence on both coasts for decades.

I always enjoyed going to flea markets back in the 60s because I could go and search for some weird and unusual item, and eventually over time we bought and collected so many items that we were able to set up a tent of our own and it’s been that way ever since. When I look back at all of the different items I’ve collected over the years, I think it really is an accurate representation of myself and everything I believe in.

– Dharam Damama-Singh Khalsa

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A selection of items in The Damama Collection Auction, March 7th: