March in Montana: Hughes Attends a Premier Western Art Auction

art auction

This past March, Hughes traveled from Los Angeles to attend “March in Montana Fine Art Auction,” one of the oldest and biggest Western art auctions in the US. The art auction had an impressive catalog that included work by Charles M. Russell, Bob Scriver, as well as 19th Century Plains Indian artifacts & clothing, Navajo rugs & jewelry, and many, many bronze cowboys. For us, as experts in estate sale services, it was fascinating to see the subculture of Western art dealers and collectors come together. Although there were bidding wars and plenty of money being spent, the event wasn’t nearly as flashy as we’d expected – there were more tennis shoes and baseball hats than alligator cowboy boots and ten-gallon hats. Though we were thoroughly impressed by the live auctioneers, who had mesmerizing chants reminiscent of the classic cattle auctioneer style.

Specialty auction houses like this are staples in the world of art collecting. Hughes offers estate sale services and a concierge auction placement service to our clients when we know the best way to reach buyers is through a specialty auction, such as an art auction. We have the connections to navigate what can appear mysterious to an outsider, and help ensure your art is given the best chance to sell to the highest bidder – yeehaa!


Charles M. Russell, The Range Father, ca. 1929–1934, Bronze

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