Time Lapse: 3 Months of Estate Liquidation in 60 Seconds

This incredible time-lapse video of three months of estate sales in Los Angeles was shot over three months in the Hughes Estate Sales LA Showroom. Every month we fill up our Showroom with fresh stock from estate sales all over Southern California and then we open to the public for an exciting three-day sale. We thought this video would be a fun way to show that we offer a beautifully staged shopping experience with fresh stock at each and every one of our estate sales. In real time, we spend two weeks delivering items to our showroom and then another two weeks is spent on merchandizing, researching, and pricing items – a timeline made possible by our experienced and multi-talented team! The Sale starts on the first Friday of every month and runs through the weekend to Sunday.

Here are a few close ups of our Showroom to give you an idea of the range of styles and products we handle through our estate sales liquidation service.

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vintage furniture for sale

estate sales in los angeles